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A Message From The 6th District Commander
Jerry Lauby

Sixth District Legionnaires:

As many or all of you might be aware, Jenn Rumbold our District Adjutant took on the role the past several years of maintaining the District Website.  Due to her workload and additional college courses / studies, Jenn has stepped down on overseeing the website.

Barb Belmont, Past Sixth District Commander has volunteered to be of assistance.  Barb and I met in length during a recess at the convention on Friday.  In addition, we discussed other avenues of social media, specifically a District Facebook page.  We now have a District Facebook page, due to recent support of Renee Kasuboski.  Barb and I also met with Renee on Friday to discuss Facebook administration, likes, shares etc.  

So, I have decided to name Barb Belmont to be the Sixth District "Director of Communications".  Barb will be responsible for both the District Website as well as the Facebook page during my tenure as District Commander.  Barb has wholeheartedly agreed to take this on.  

In addition, Renee Kasuboski has also agreed to be a volunteer consultant to Barb and myself for a short period of time which we appreciate.


All information wanting to be posted should be sent to Past 6th District Commander Belmont at 

We will be looking for members from the Auxiliary, Son’s, and Riders to help us keep members informed of all events within the 6th District.  Please contact Barb as appropriate.


Instructions from Barb

Please go to the Facebook page.  WI American Legion 6th District and like our page.

The “following” tab click the down arrow and check "see first",

By doing the 2 steps, we will be sure to get all messages posted.  Initially, this will be a little bit of work in process.

When a message is posted, we should like and share each message with your friends.


  1. I was informed by Wayne Steffen, Vice Commander East, the Fall Conference will be hosted by the Stockbridge and Chilton Posts will be held at the Altona Club in New Holstein.  Stay tuned, more to come from Adjutant Jenn.
  1. I want to be sure that I give our Post and County Legionnaires equal opportunity to attend the Spring and fall DEC's as it relates to travel distance.  Therefore, I am pledging to keep it as centrally located within the district as practical as we keep post availability in mind.  My thought is; the District central corridor from Neenah / Menasha, Oshkosh, North Fond du Lac and Fond du Lac.  Be it Two Rivers / Manitowoc at the east or Briggsville / Kingston at the west, this will at least offer some degree of parity.   I have decided to change the fall DEC location scheduled to be Winneconne, therefore, it is going to be held at the Neenah Post.  Stay tuned, more to come from Adjutant Jenn.
  1. Past District Commander Braun, now Department Vice Commander has asked the three Districts he will be overseeing, which includes the Sixth District, that we make every effort in support of incoming National Commander Denise Rohan, our new Department Commander Laurel Clewell, and "Lets get our Department to 100%" 2017 - 2018.  Let’s get our sleeves rolled up and at a minimum encourage all counties and Posts to beat last year’s numbers.  That will be a good start.  Maybe it is a County incentive program etc. 

    Department VC Braun has asked me for an action plan as to achieving a 100% District which I will need to present no later than Fall Conference.  I would like input from the three Vice Commanders Gary, Dave and Wayne by mid-August.
  1. Commander Laurel presented her theme for 2017 - 2018 during her acceptance speech today.  "Learn to Grow".  It is simple, yet bold.  Let us grow together and work together as we embark on the next 52 weeks.  
  1. I ask our three District Vice Commanders Gary West VC, Dave Central VC, and Wayne East take an active role in mentoring our County and Post Officers.  County Commanders Pete, Jeff, Kent, Bill, Chuck, and George to try to make Post meeting visits which shows support.
  1. As previous Department Americanism Chairman, I want to entrust my involvement and experience in promotion of the many Americanism Programs that impact our youth as I travel the District.
  1. In addition, as I travel the District, I will be an advocate of the Four Pillars of the American Legion.
  1. Please be sure to send your County and Post Officer report forms and certifications to Department at Portage, EVEN IF THERE ARE NO CHANGES.  All forms are in the administrative manual.
  1. Reminder; District and County organizations are each chartered and need to file 990's.
  1. Any County or Post who requests a visit from the District Commander, please contact me to schedule a visit.
  1. District Americanism Chairman Dave Steinert has secured LaSure's Banquet Facility in Oshkosh for the District Americanism Banquet to be Saturday February 10, 2018.  Stay tuned, more to come later from Dave and Adjutant Jenn.


Thank You,
Jerry Lauby
Sixth District Commander


A Message From The 6th District President

Nancy Helms

Hi, my name is Nancy Helms and I am the 6th district president until 2019.

If you need any help with anything you can email me at or my phone number is 920-231-5310.

Thank you

President Nancy Helms


A Message From The 6th District Son's of the American Legion



A Message From The 6th District Legion Riders

American Legion Past National Commander Dale Barnett talks about why membership is important, why every member should be recruiting new members, and what tools are available to help with that process.





Veterans Crisis Line

The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support for deaf and hard of hearing individuals is available.                         

Call: 1-800-273-8255, Press 1

Text: 838255

chat online

Please submit event information, pictures, and  reports 
to be posted on this website to:
Jenn Rumbold
6th District Adjutant



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