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The American Legion Post 70 of Oshkosh will be bringing in the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall October 20-23. It is an 80% scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Wall from Washington DC. This is an amazing experience. It gives people a chance to say goodbye that they may not have gotten. It's a chance for people to pay their respects and see a national monument that they may never get to see in person. It's a chance to gather with your fellow military family. Please feel free to share and spread the word!

** 10/19-- 6pm Escort from Nekimi Fire Station by 26 and 41 through Oshkosh to Sunnyview Expo Center
** 10/20-- 12pm Open to the public, 24 hours a day
** 10/20-- 7pm Opening ceremony
** 10/22-- 1pm Reading of the names of KIA from Winnebago County
** 10/22-- 7pm Ceremony by Vietnam Veterans of America
** 10/23-- 3pm Close of exhibit
A Message From The Commander

October 2, 2016

Greetings all,

Every so often I am reminded that I need to communicate with the District on this website by our Adjutant.  Usually I harp on membership or awards or something of that nature.  This month I am sparing everyone, at least for one month, the redundant messages about those subjects.  Instead, I bring you a touching and heartwarming story.


For those of you who do not know, my Aunt, Tara Rowe and Uncle, Ron Rowe, have had a bad string of luck over the last 5 years or so.  Ron was working in the UP and was struck by a car and almost killed about 5 years ago.  He was flown to a trauma center in Minnesota.  There they saved his life with expert medical personnel and a lot of screws and plates.  He was almost fully recovered when Tara was diagnosed with a disease that took her foot, then her other foot, then her leg below her knee, then the other leg below her knee, then the knee above the knee.  During one of the procedures over a 3 year period, Tara suffered a heart attack on the operating table.  She was revived and the story went on. 

Ron and Tara have always been a big part of the community and their church community.  Ron was church president and was instrumental in the planning and soliciting of donations for a new church.  They taught Sunday school and were huge in a youth program called Teen Life.  They traveled to several mission functions thru out the US.  They had a huge impact on many kids over the years including their twin daughters.  Helping others was their life.

When members of the church heard of Tara’s newest procedure, they started planning for a benefit to help them recover from a pile of bills and getting on with life.  I attended that this afternoon.  WOW!  What a turn out.  They had over 1000 people there in a 4 hour time period.  There were many donations from businesses and people in the Fond du Lac area as well as the Packers, Badgers, Brewers and their players.  For instance, an Aaron Rodgers autographed ball was auctioned for over $1100.  Go Fund Me website brought in over $50,000 in donations. 

Tara was not able to make it today.  Her kidneys began shutting down over a week ago.  She was in a coma during the benefit but a video of her from just days before was played on a tv in the area all day.  I could not even watch it without tearing up.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar face.  This man, a Legionnaire from the 6th District, was there looking around at the items and all the remembrances of Tara.  I approached this man and said hello.  He said he did not know Tara or Ron. He did not know Ron was my Uncle or Tara was my Aunt. He did not know Ron was a Vietnam Veteran.  He heard about the fund raiser on the radio yesterday and thought it would be right to come and donate (Excuse me while I wipe my eyes). This meant so much to me and as I introduced him to Ron and told him why he was there, I could almost see a tear forming in Ron’s eye.  This man did not have to be there but wanted to be because he believes in unselfishly helping others.  Tom Schmitz, Post 454 Mt Calvary,  on behalf of my family I salute you!  Thank you for what you did!

Todd J. Braun

6th District Commander




6th District Fall Conference

October 30, 2016


1401 MAIN ST


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American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett talks about why membership is important, why every member should be recruiting new members, and what tools are available to help with that process.








Veterans Crisis Line

The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support for deaf and hard of hearing individuals is available.                         

Call: 1-800-273-8255, Press 1

Text: 838255

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