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544 Willsher Drive, Fond du Lac, WI

6th District Department of Wisconsin



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A Message From The 6th District President

Nancy Helms

August 14, 2017

Hi Ladies

     This will be short. I am packing for Reno and won't have a lot of time when I get back so I'm sending a little reminder out now.

     The first is I hope everyone is still working on your renewals. I need every unit to send in a 2018 renewal so we have no goose eggs. They have to be sent in by the first part of October. So please get one sent in. I know I can count on everyone Don't forget you can renew on line or call national to get them paid.

     The Winneconne unit  and post do a sportsman banquet on September 13 from 5:00 pm to 9:30. It is held at Critters Wolf sports resturant. To get more info call Phyllis at 708-828-0215. She can answer your questions.

     I sent out a message to everyone about the exec board meeting on September 9 at 9:00 at the Neenah post. The meeting should be over by 1:00, I will have some breakfast stuff and drinks. If you can't make it please let me know.

     I hope you all have sent in your reservation form for one of the ALA in the Know. It is very important for everyone to go to one. The one in Green lake our National president Diane Duscheck will be there, and have a get together after. The form is in the unit mailing. This is her official visit to Wisconsin.

     Our senior fall fun day for the 6th district is October 21 at the Winneconne post. The time is from 9-3. We will have more fun then last year. So get your calendars marked and plan to attend. The registration form will go out soon.

     I am looking for invites to your unit meetings again, I really enjoyed visiting everyone last year. Let me know when your meetings are and I'll be there.



                                                                        Nancy Helms 6th dist president


August 15, 2015

Good morning everyone, this will be short because I'm getting ready to drive to Reno. This is just a few reminders.

    The first thing is membership. I know everyone is still working on renewals, they have till the end of the year. Then you can also send in the 2018 renewals. I need every unit to send in at least one by October. We don't want any of them goose eggs. I know you have all done that.

    The Winneconne unit and post is doing a sportsman banquet on Sept 13 from 5-9:30. It will be held at Critters. For more info call Phyllis at 708-828-0215 she will give you all the details.

    I will be holding the exec board meeting on Sept 9 at the Neenah post. It will run from 9:00 - 1:00. I will have some drinks and muffins and other stuff. Please let me know if you are coming.

    I hope you all have sent in your reservations for the ALA in the know. These  replaces the fall forums so please plan on attending. The one in Green Lake, National President Diane Duscheck will be attending with a get together after words. The info for that is in the unit mailing. There is a small charge to attend that so make sure you send in the registration form.
    Our 6th district  senior fall fun day is October 21 at the  Winneconne post from 9-3. Please plan on coming for some fun and games. The registration forms will be coming soon.
    I would like to attend unit and county meetings again, so please let me know when they are so I can come. I loved doing that last year and meeting a lot of new people. You can call me at 920-231-5310 or email me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         6th dist president Nancy Helms



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