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544 Willsher Drive, Fond du Lac, WI

6th District Department of Wisconsin


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A Message From The 6th District Commander
Jerry Lauby


Please accept this invitation to attend a live orientation session for Badger Boys State 2018.

The purpose of our live orientations are to present information about our program, help show what to expect when attending, communicate key information and most importantly provide the ability to have questions answered.

The orientation for Fond du Lac County is scheduled for:

7 p.m.

May 14

IT Lab

St. Mary Springs Academy

255 County Road K

Fond du Lac

We strongly recommend each boy selected to attend Badger Boys State have an opportunity to participate in an orientation session. Those selected as an alternate are also encouraged to attend so that they have the information and are prepared to attend if the primary delegate is unable to attend or if additional spots open-up. Parents are also encouraged to attend the orientations.

There are orientation sessions conducted throughout the state and if you are unable to attend this session, you can find another orientation in your area. The list of orientations can be found on the Badger Boys State web page or by emailing Bill Cosh at


Here are several links to testimonials from past Boys State participants that I thought you might find of interest:

The 2016 session of Badger Boys State marks our 75th anniversary.
Started in 1938, BBS has only missed three years of sessions.
This video takes a look back at our ...



If for any reason your plans change and you are no longer able to attend Badger Boys State please contact Sheri Hicks at (608) 745-1090.

If you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance please contact me at (608) 770-1282 or via email at Thank you.

I wanted to reach out to you. Each year I work on setting up the orientations for the Badger Boys State program. I have started to pull together the information for this year's orientations. Attached is the list of the ones that I am aware of. If you are aware of others if you could please let me know that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.  Click here for the list.



Bill Cosh

Assistant Director for Orientations

Badger Boys State

Jerry Lauby
American Legion
Sixth District Commander


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