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544 Willsher Drive, Fond du Lac, WI

6th District Department of Wisconsin


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A Message From The 6th District Commander
Jerry Lauby

Sixth District Legionnaires:

First of all it looks like another Horse race with Post 478 St Cloud already at 84.21%, not even around the first turn. 
But whooooooo!  Not so fast says Post 156 North Fond du Lac at 78.57%, were on your tail, move over, we are not eating your dust!

Fond du Lac County leading the pack creating noise at 49.23%
Winnebago County on the move in striking distance at 46.29%

Several comments from the old Commanders Hat, with a new voice.  

1.  I think overall at this stage (four weeks in the membership year) the Sixth district are doing reasonably well.  In fact I am pleased.  As a District, we are currently at 41.30 % today, compared to 46.18% one year ago.  That puts us in 3rd place for membership within the Department.  Not bad, but time to dig in.  

2.  Gather some of your Post members together and divey up calls off the 2930 list.  Membership Chairman, ask your Post for help.  Make some fun out of the challenge over your favorite beverage.  You may surprise yourself and the Post, so you have got to at least try.  

3.  We have three Posts in the 50% percentile level, we have fourteen Posts in the 40% percentile level.  That is great!  

4.  We also have four Posts at 0.00%.  That is not so great.  If I did the Math correct, that represents 106 cards for the 2018 goal.  Just need to keep chipping away at this.  My request is to not sit on renewals, turn them in on a timely basis.  At a minimum bi-monthly, better yet weekly. 

Other items

A.  September is just around the corner.  I ask all Posts to seriously think about submitting a deserving "Sixth District Legionnaire of the year" for our District Competition.  Now is the time to have a Post Committee make suggestions for a deserving Legionnaire.  Share with the Membership at your Post at an upcoming meeting.  Then have someone with good writing skills assist in the application and submission of the form during September and October and early November.  Use November and December as finalizing the submission of required paperwork.  The application needs to be neat, concise and easy to read.  Any questions, please contact me. 

The application must be received by the District Commander no later than January 5, 2018, preferably earlier.  As you all know, the announcement and award is made at our Americanism Banquet which will be held February 10, 2018.  We have many, many Legionnaires that should be nominated for this award.  I suggest each Post make this effort.

B.  We have six Department awards that need to be submitted by December 15, 2017 to (Department) Portage.  Post adjutants,  please review your officers manual for particulars.
- Enhance the Lives of Disabled Persons, Employer awards.
- Employer of Older workers awards.
- Employer of Veterans awards.
- National Economic Commission Employment awards.  LVER  DVOP
- National Economic Commission Local office Service award.
- Michael Guty Homeless Veterans Outreach award.

Thank You,
Jerry Lauby
Sixth District Commander


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