In addition to the national commander and vice commanders, six national constitutional officers are appointed annually by vote of the National Executive Committee. They are the adjutant, treasurer, judge advocate, historian, chaplain and sergeant-at-arms. Officers elected by the national convention take office upon adjournment and serve until the end of the next convention.

Responsibilities of national officers:

Daniel S. Wheeler, National Adjutant

The administrative head of the organization, the adjutant oversees National Headquarters and all other national offices. He is charged in the Legion by-laws with administering the policies and mandates of the national convention and the National Executive Committee.

Daniel S. Wheeler is the national adjutant of The American Legion, a post he has held since October 2008. Prior to becoming national adjutant, he served as executive director of National Headquarters in Indianapolis (1995-2008). He joined the National Headquarters staff in 1979, during which time he served as The American Legion Magazine assistant editor (1979-1980), managing editor (1980-1981), assistant publisher/editor (1981-1985), publisher/editor in chief (1985-1995) and (2001-2007).

From 1994-2009, Wheeler also served as president of the Citizens Flag Alliance, devoting significant time to managing and administering this not-for-profit, nonpartisan coalition of civic, fraternal, veteran, business and labor organizations. The Citizens Flag Alliance's goal is to pass a constitutional amendment returning to Congress the power to protect the U.S. flag from intentional acts of physical desecration.

Wheeler was a U.S. Navy sonarman and journalist during the Vietnam War. His previous professional positions include staff writer for the U.S. Navy magazine All Hands; editor of the Navy Editorial Service; and staff member of Direction magazine.

Wheeler, a native of Richmond, Va., lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Kathy. He is a past president of the Veterans Day Council of Indianapolis, and a member of American Legion Post 137 in Virginia, the Indianapolis Rotary Club, and Mensa.


George A. Buskirk, National Treasurer

The treasurer is custodian of the Legion's funding. Duties include signing checks, making financial reports and performing other duties appropriate to the office.

George A. Buskirk Jr. was appointed national treasurer of The American Legion on Sept. 10, 1998, during the 80th National Convention in New Orleans.

Buskirk, a major general in the National Guard, currently serves as legal counsel to the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, and served as adjutant general of the State of Indiana under Governor Frank O'Bannon from 2001-2004. He is a member of American Legion Frank McKinney Post 510 in Indianapolis. Buskirk, who joined the Guard in 1977, served in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps during the Vietnam War. He is a retired senior vice president and trust officer for Union Federal Savings Bank, and past president of the Indiana War Memorial Commission.

An Indianapolis native who resides in Zionsville, Ind., Buskirk holds a bachelor's degree in business from Butler University and a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Indiana University Law School. He and his wife, Maureen, have three children.


Philip B. Onderdonk, National Judge Advocate

Robert Allen Vick, National Chaplain

Robert Allen Vick, National Chaplain

The chaplain performs spiritual nonsectarian services as may be necessary, adhering to ceremonial rituals as approved by the Legion. The chaplain oversees memorial services at each national convention, opens and closes national meetings with appropriate prayers, and frequently gives guidance and leadership to the religious-emphasis program of the Americanism Commission.

Robert Allen Vick was appointed national chaplain of The American Legion on Aug. 24 at the 2017 National Convention in Reno, Nev. Vick served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War era and is a member of American Legion Post 79 in New Port Richey, Fla. He has also served as a department chaplain.

Vick received his ministerial training at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo., and Trinity Bible Institute. 

Richard T. Dubay, National Historian

Richard T. Dubay, National Historian

The historian is responsible for Legion history and helps department and post historians coordinate, unify and promote their work. The national historian is assisted by the organization's librarian and archivist.

Richard T. Dubay was appointed national historian of The American Legion on Aug. 24 during the 2017 National Convention in Reno, Nev. Dubay is a U.S. Air Force veteran and a member of American Legion Post 4 in Mount Clemens, Mich., as well as an ANAVICUS member. He has served as post commander, district commander, department historian and department vice commander. And is currently serving on the National Security Countil.

Roy A. Helms, National Sergeant-at-Arms

Roy A. Helms, National Sergeant-at-Arms

The sergeant-at-arms preserves the order at national meetings and performs such other duties as may be assigned by the National Executive Committee or national officers.

Roy A. Helms was appointed national sergeant-at-arms of The American Legion on Aug. 24 at  the 2017 National Convention in Reno, Nev. 

Helms served in the U.S.  Marine Corps and is a member of American Legion Post 70 in Oshkosh, Wis. He has also served as district commander, state president of the American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin (2003-2009) and as a department of Wisconsin vice-commander (2011-2012), and he’s received appointments to the National Legislative Council and the National Americanism Council.