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Good Morning,
First off, I would like to let everyone know how pleased I am with the work that has gone into membership.  On the Wisconsin 11-16-17 membership report, we are over 81% for membership.  This is great!  Where else are we making gains?  Closing the gap on where we were last year.  We had been holding at 1100+ behind where we were last year.  The report below shows 800+.  This is all due to the work that everyone doing.
The other report shows us back in the lead for membership.  It is a lagging report but we have been swapping first place with France.  Remember, we need to continue to pursue membership!
We had a conference call with the National Vice Commander Bill Flanagan for the Central region states as we do monthly to discuss membership strategies.  Michigan talked about a phone program they used and can be found at www.call-em-all.com.  This allows organizations to record a 30 second message and send it to many phone numbers at once.  This program can tell you the bad numbers, how many people picked up the phone and how many listened to the message.  It may be a beneficial tool to use for dues reminders or just to send your members a holiday message.
I often get asked "where do I find members" or "we don't have members in our area".  Veterans Day really changed my perspective on these issues.  I was fortunate to be the speaker for two different Posts.  Hustisford Post went to three different schools.  In each school, the commander asked the kids to raise their hand if they had a grandparent, parent, brother, sister, etc who was in the military or had served in the military.  In each school, 1/2 to 3/4 of the students raised their hand.  WOW!  We still need to be asking the question - Did you serve in the military.
The next item that I found interesting was the newspapers.  On Veterans Day, the Mayville newspaper had 11 pages with 15 to 20 names and pictures of veterans.  ELEVEN pages!  The Beaver Dam newspaper had a smaller section but still listed veterans.  How many of your local papers had this?  Did you verify if they were a member of your post?  If they weren't, did you add them to your Prospect List?
We have some upcoming membership rallies that anyone is welcome to attend.  We will be holding a membership at the Eau Claire Post 53 (634 Water St, Eau Claire) on December 1st from 9am to 4pm and December 2nd from 9am to 1pm.  People are the key to these rallies so come out to help if you are available.  
The next rally will be at French Island Post 417 on December 8th and 9th.  More details will be coming out for this soon.
Don't forget Midwinter is coming up!  I look forward to seeing everyone at there.
Thank you again for all you are doing.  Your efforts are making progress!
Julie Muhle
Department Membership Chairman

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