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Good Morning,
For those who had a chance to go to the Membership Workshop, WOW!  what an amazing couple of days!  The purpose of this letter is to update everyone on what is coming up for membership.

First, the goal for our state is 53,500.  Last year we hit 54,000+ so this number is achievable.  The new goals have been put out on the department website.  Anyone who has not had the opportunity to review these, go to www.wilegion.org, click on the Members tab and click on Membership Report.  You can find the Post, County and District goals at this location.

Next, we had the privilege of having Denise Rohan address the group.  She had several items she expected for the upcoming year from all departments.  Here are a few of her expectations:

•    the focus needs to be on those who renewed late – January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.  Let’s get those members renewed early!   
•    a 5% increase in Post Excellence Awards 
•    a 10% increase in the number of members taking the ALEI/Basic training course

We met with the Central Representatives at National and they gave us the head’s up that they will be doing conference calls to District Commanders in the Central Region.  They want to discuss membership and share best practices to help increase our membership.  The bad news is that we are officially below 2 million members.  Remind your County Commanders as well as Post Commanders and Adjutants that accurate membership accounting is critical. 
On the Wisconsin side of things, we are going to get busy!  The Commander and Adjutant are asking every Post to develop a Prospect List.  I have the approved format attached to this email.  This is to help gather potential members.  Maybe you call them once and they say no.  Document their information and call them back in 6 or 12 months.  Life changes and now might be a better time to become a member!  

Along with the Prospect List, here are the incentives/awards for this year:

•    Prospector Pin – any member who submits 3 prospects to their Post’s Adjutant will receive a pin 
•    Prospect List – Posts that maintain a Prospect List will be entered in a drawing to win $500 at the 2018 Department convention.  Posts must submit a copy of their prospect list  
     by June 1, 2018 to be eligible to win. 
•    Early Bird Drawing – a chance to win one of two $500 awards is available to anyone who renews before November 11th, including PUFL’s. WOW!   
•    Get “1” Bounty – everyone who recruits a new member will have their name entered in a drawing to win $1,000. No limit to the number of entries!  One entry for each new
     member recruited. 
•    National Commander Award – members who recruit 3 new members will receive the National Commander’s incentive award which will be determined after the National
•    Clewell’s Commandos – members who sign up 3 members and renew 2 members from 2017 will receive a special pin. 
•    Badger Big 10 – every Legionnaire who recruits 10 new members (not current since 2015) will join the Badger Big 10 club and receive a $50 gift certificate to use at Emblem
     Sales along with a special edition pin 
•    Silver Brigade – every Legionnaire who recruits 25 or more members will receive a $100 gift certificate to use at Emblem Sales 
•    Gold Brigade – every Legionnaire who recruits 50 or more members will receive a $200 gift certificate to use at Emblem Sales 
•    100% Post Commander – All Post Commanders who reach 100% by September 11th will receive a personalized American Legion uniform shirt embroidered with their name
     and Post number 
•    100% County Commander – All County Commanders who reach 100% by Veterans Day, November 11th, will also receive a personalized American Legion uniform shirt
     embroidered with their name and county.

Posts must turn in their renewal names to their District Commander so they can verify names are getting submitted for renewals. District Commanders will forward the names to Chris at Department headquarters.

The Department would also like to encourage Posts across the state to hold “open house” type events titled “1st Responder Salutes” and invite emergency services personnel from the local community law enforcement, fire departments and first responders to participate.  The 1st Responder Salute events will be designed to:

•    Brand the local American Legion post as a vital community resource 
•    Strengthen community support for law enforcement and emergency services professionals 
•    Encourage eligible veterans among the 1st responders to join the local post (a high percentage of veterans work in the 1st responder fields)

Finally, we are going to be doing revitalizations in the following areas/time frame: 
•    Milwaukee – September 
•    Madison – October 
•    Eau Claire – October 
•    Fox River Valley – November 
•    La Crosse – January

I will be contacting District Officers in these areas to work to set up dates and times for these revitalizations. 

I know I have put a lot before you today.  It is vital we start getting this information out to the Counties and Posts.  This information will also be in the next Post mailing, however it does not come out until September and I didn’t want to waste August. 

Your mission is to disseminate this information to the Counties and Posts as quickly as possible.  Do not wait for your County meetings unless they are within the next week. 


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You can reach me at the contact information below.   

Thank you and I look forward to working with everyone! 

Julie Muhle 
Membership Chairman 

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